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TG169 Bluetooth Speaker


1. Magic speaker system design, amazing dual power   

Built-in low-frequency amplifier design, the mid-low frequency is more powerful, with better sound quality performance;

2. Adopt advanced Bluetooth audio decoding chip   

Support mobile phones, tablets, TVs and other Bluetooth devices to play music in pairs; Bluetooth transmission distance is greater than 10 meters;

3. Support hands-free calling function, built-in high-sensitivity microphone, so that mobile phone calls have an incomparable and enjoyable call enjoyment

4. Support U disk and TF card music playback   

MP3 decoding, support full rate playback of MP3 format;

5. FM automatically searches and stores stations6. Built-in FM radio module, which can automatically search and store radio stations, saving time and effort;

Support AUX audio input, provide you with computer speaker


Wireless bluetooth :V5.0

Support 1 : L2CAP/A2DP/AVCTP,

               Can receive AUDIO signal and control the AUDIO device.

Support 2 : Support HSP//HFP(Handfree profile),with HANDS-FREE functions.

Working distance : 10M

SNR :90dB

Battery : 3.7V 1200mah

Playing time: 3 H (volume will affect the playing time)

Speaker driver :45mm*2

Frequency response : 120HZ-20KHZ

Unit size :75*75*161.7mm

Unit   weight : 405G

Charging :5V/500MAH

Charging time :3-4H

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